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Description:   Bluebox is a replacement shell for Windows 2000 and XP, designed to mimic the look and functionality of Blackbox, a window manager for various UNIX-based operating systems (e.g. Linux and *BSD).

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OneFinger - the graphical shell OneFinger is a graphical shell for linux where you compose CLI commands with the mouse. You only have to type them once; later you can select themfrom a list. You also have a file browser to insert filenames without typing. It also features "narrowing".

Oxene Shell for Windows OxeneShell is an alternative shell for Microsoft windows with themeable interface with Crystal clear and highly appealing image quality for icons and wallpaper.Speach and customizable Hotkeys are added features to make Oxene the best.

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Bluebox (Bluetooth Hotspot) This project integrates a project under development on Ubicomp at DSI (Departamento de Sistemas de InformaA┬žALo) from University of Minho, Portugal.This is the prototype developed for my master thesis.

Bluediving A Bluetooth penetration testing suite. It implements attacks like Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf++, BlueSmack and has features such as Bluetooth address spoofing, an AT and a RFCOMM socket shell and a L2CAP packetgenerator.

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